Creating Futures… 

The programme combines core sessions from business academics with hands-on sessions from business practitioners and successful entrepreneurs. 


Course Duration: 40 hours (5 Days)

Delivery Mode: Classroom & Workshops

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Topic Covered include: 


Business Model Canvas

Understanding the start-up template for developing new, or documenting existing, business models.


Product Design

Review of basic product design principles and how they can be used to differentiate a product from its competition.


Value Proposition

Learn how to create and communicate great value propositions that deliver relevant benefits and tells the ideal customer why they should buy from one supplier instead of another.


Service Provision

Learn the different set of business skills and techniques for the delivery of services that can deliver high-quality competition.


Marketing Delivery

Understanding the ‘marketing mix’ - the combination of identifying what people or businesses want, developing the product to meet that need, then pricing and promoting it.


Defining Your Customer

Learn how to define your customers and their needs clearly to better segmentation in order to enable targeted marketing activities.


Routes to Market

Learn how to sell your product and how to plan your sales whether through direct selling, selling wholesale, distance selling, online selling and developing a combination of channels.


Team & Human Capital

Learn effective team building as well as the skills required to manage high-performing teams.


Risk & Growth

Understand how to address and evaluate potential risks and how low levels of uncertainty are associated with low potential returns and high levels of uncertainty are associated with high potential returns.


Managing Finances

Learn how to manage your cash flows, financial requirement and tax liabilities.


Manufacturing & Logistics

Understand the operation side of the business - making sure raw materials are available at the right time, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport, and customer service.



Businesses use technology in a wide variety of ways. We will review with you the main technologies vital to most companies.



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