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Sudan is a modern, dynamic and safe country. However, what is really unique about Sudan is that it is a relatively virgin territory with a lot of potentials. A vast number of prime investment opportunities have emerged over the past couple of years and look set to expand even further in the future.


The World Bank estimates that the cost of starting a business as a percentage of GNI per capita has fallen from over 100% in 2005 to 25.1% in 2016, making it one of the easiest countries in which to start a business in Africa. This, in turn, has led to a surge in investment in a myriad of different industries, with mining, agriculture, tourism, solar energy, health and education being the most notable areas.


Furthermore, the country’s geographic positioning has meant that Middle Eastern countries are investing in Sudan’s farming potential to address the food security problem, which enabled Sudan to regain its position as the primary destination for FDI in the region. 


Event's Objectives:

  • To accelerate the adoption of new technologies in all sectors;
  • To facilitate the transfer of know-how and methods of efficient working at all levels of investments; and
  • To develop citizens’ capacity
  • To stimulate economic developments and help translate the recent developments into the lives of all citizens.
  • Connecting businesses with decision-makers and individual customers and investors.


Participating in the Expo will automatically entitle you to benefit from our business matching service and hence:

  • Get first-hand access to high-value trade and investment opportunities.
  • Forge new deals and partnerships.
  • Network with government representatives, local & international investors as well as private customers.


Sectors Experiencing the Highest Demand


Including but NOT LIMITED to:











Financial Services



Investment opportunities are particularly promising in agribusiness, mining, construction including infrastructure, renewable energy (Hydro/Solar).

The Expo will be attended by Ministries & Government Officials, Local Businesses, Banks, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, International Investors, etc.

Invitations will also be extended to relevant companies across the Arab and African regions.



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