Sudan as an Arab-African country, with its ancient civilisations and cultural diversity, is considered an enormous cultural repository with fascinating religions, cultures, arts, languages and traditions.


Sudan is the birthplace of one of the earliest human civilisations which had dealings with several of the ancient civilisations. Archaeologists have recently discovered one of the oldest cemeteries ever found in Africa – dating back to 7500 B.C.


This rich history is reflected in the countries arts, culture and traditions specifically, traditional beauty regimens, aromatherapy and skin care have been the focus of the world in the past few years and are steadily becoming the next hot beauty trend in the region.


Product Highlights


Works by Sudanese Artists


Pottery, Ceramics, Sculpture

Photography, Film and Performances 

Sudan's Unique thousand year old Cosmetic Products & Rituals 

Sudan's Mysterious Exfoliating Scrub 

Various skincare products

Sudan's Legendary Woman Perfumes

Lost secrets of the art of perfume making

Passed down from generation to generation


Sudan Jewellery for every taste and every purpose

Enhancing Beauty

Symbolizing Status & Wealth

Exciting the Sense of Prized Possession


Sudanese Garments 

A wide variety of Designs 

Mixture of both Arabic and African Cultures 

Special Focus SUDANESE TOUB 

Check the various developments made in this Art/Profession


Sudanese Henna is considered

The darkest and most elaborate in the world 

Made of natural products

Safe for children

Normally last between 2-4 weeks

Sudanese Bakhoor (Insence)

Chips of Anfar, Shaf and Sandalwood 

Soaked in special fragrant oils burned to release their intoxicating fragrance




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