Terms & Conditions

  • Silent Bees starts working on a project upon receipt of a down payment. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the client is charged the remaining balance upon completion of the project.
  • Training courses and events are paid for at the time of registration.
  • Additional services come at additional fees, on a fee for service basis or on an hourly rate. If clients require additional services, the correspondent fee is added to their invoice and they are charged accordingly.
  • Delays in project completion may occur when:
  1. There is a delay in any payments
  2. The client requests further changes in the design, structure, or content of the project
  3. The client purchases an additional service related to the project
  4. There is a delay in the receipt of any materials form the client
  5. Timeframe estimates are approximate only and are subject to change at any time at Silent Bees’ discretion. At any time, and at its whole discretion, Silent Bees may decide to put a project on hold.
  • All of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t stop working until our clients are completely satisfied with their solution. That is our commitment. However, Silent Bees will under no circumstances be held responsible to satisfy unreasonable expectations or request Silent Bees discretion to decide whether or not a request or an expectation is reasonable or lies within the scope of offer of services to its client. As an example, if the client purchases a certain service, but in order to be fully satisfied, Silent Bees judges that an additional service is necessary, then it is no longer Silent Bees responsibility or commitment to satisfy the client. In other words, Silent Bees guarantees 100% satisfaction within the framework of its original agreement with the client, according to Silent Bees understanding.
  • Services or part of services that have been approved by the client are considered as services with which the client is 100% satisfied. Any further work on these services will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Unless clearly specified otherwise, all project statuses are set as “completed” after a 3 month period has passed (calculated from the first payment date).This means no more work will be done on that project and no service will be provided.
  • If the client is not satisfied with Silent Bees Services, the client can ask for a refund on any unused monies. Silent Bees will be happy to exercise a refund, after doing it on review.
  • If you wish to cancel an exhibition or event booking, you shall notify us prior to the Exhibition. In the event that your cancellation notice is received by Silent Bees no later than three (3) months prior to the Exhibition, You will only be required to pay Silent Bees 50% of the Fee for the cancelled Booking.
  • In the event that your cancellation notice is received by Silent Bees less than three (3) months prior to the Exhibition You will be required to pay Silent Bees the Fee in full for the cancelled Booking and Silent Bees shall be under no obligation to reimburse all or part of such charges.
  • Training Courses are not refundable.


About Credit Cards Data Processing

Please keep in mind that for security reasons, Silent Bees always:

  • Prevents unauthorized access, maintains data accuracy, and ensures the correct use of information, through appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects online and offline.
  • Hires the services of reliable third party companies to manage credit card information and payment gateway secured encryptions for the websites of its clients. Such companies charge fees per transaction and/or fees per month for which the client is responsible. Most such companies offer various fee plans to best suit the needs of the client’s business depending on the volume of the client’s online transactions.


 About This Site

  • All prices appearing on this site are subject to change without notice. These prices are solely informative and Silent Bees is not necessarily committed to them for your project. To receive a free quote for your project, please call us at 020 8077 0118; by email to info@silentbees.com; or request a quote on our website.
  • Promotional offers are not cumulative.
  • All the pictures shown on this website are solely representative.

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